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Shepherd Park Camp site

Small Projects

Along side the major project of replacing the existing buildings, we have a number of smaller projects that will be undertaken over a number of years by our young people, with their Leaders and parents.

Projects include providing the following:

  1. Geocaching.
  2. Camp Fire Circles to both the North and South Fields. We need 1800 bricks to build each circle, do you have any clean bricks left from a new extension or garden wall that we can have, rather than skipping them.


  3. Altar Fire Places to both the North and South Fields. These will provide campers with designated areas for fires.
  4. More nesting boxes for bugs and beasties.
  5. Tree  and hedge planting.
  6. Wild Flower and Bulb planting. By using native species, we hope to encourage more occupants to the bug hutches.
  7. Composting.
  8. Improvements to car parking.


Shepherd Park is owned by Faversham District Scouts