The Future

Faversham District Scouts have embarked upon a major upgrade of the site including the replacement of the Old Diary Buildings. The site was purchased in 1979 and many volunteers including the Venture Scouts (now Scout Network) set about converting the building including milking stalls into the halls in use today and which are "showing their age".

The first phase of this project was to provide the self contained Toilet and Shower Facilities to the North Field, this has removed the need to cross the lane, especially at night.

The second phase of the project is to replace The Barn, which has an earth floor and is currently used as an Air Rifle Range with an architect designed stand alone building containing a Hall, Toilets and Storage for the Scout Groups that use Shepherd Park for their weekly meetings. The First Floor, with Lift Access will provide District Admin and Meeting Rooms.

Planning Permission was granted by Swale Borough Council, in spring 2018 for this building, the construction and building regulations drawings are currently being produced so the fund raising begins. The developed plans will be available to view here soon but in the meantime, here's an artists impression.


The third phase of the project, will see the Main Hall and District Hall replaced with a new building complete with multi use hall, kitchen, toilets and showers for use by campers and also a new air rifle and indoor archery range. As a temporary measure the empty District Hall will be used as an air rifle range.

If you would like to help us achieve our vision, we have set up a webpage which can be accessed from this link.  Please donate here. Thank You.

Small Projects

Along side the major project of replacing the existing buildings, we have a number of smaller projects that will be undertaken over a number of years by our young people, with their Leaders and parents.

Projects include providing the following:

  1. Geocaching.
  2. Camp Fire Circles to both the North and South Fields. We need 1800 bricks to build each circle, do you have any clean bricks left from a new extension or garden wall that we can have, rather than skipping them.


  3. Altar Fire Places to both the North and South Fields. These will provide campers with designated areas for fires.
  4. More nesting boxes for bugs and beasties.
  5. Tree and hedge planting.
  6. Wild Flower and Bulb planting. By using native species, we hope to encourage more occupants to the bug hutches.
  7. Composting.
  8. Improvements to car parking.

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